About Us

Established in 1992 , by Chef Peter Lu and wife Mary Lu,  China Wok Restaurant has  welcomed and served  generations of  loyal customers  to our restaurant  for over  twenty years.

From  1992 to 2002,  Chef Lu and Wife  Mary  turned a hole-in- the -wall place into one of the  beloved Chinese  restaurant in the neighborhood.   Under their management,  China Wok gained the  reputation as the place to  go  or call  for fresh, delicious  Chinese food in the Fredericksburg area-----  whether it  is for dine in,  pick up or delivery.

Since 2002,   new owner Joe Yung   and team has   followed   the  tradition of Chef Lu’s cooking .  In addition,   in  2005,   Mr. Yung  expanded the  Restaurant   and added a  full bar and Sushi Bar.    Management   is also   continuously working   to invest in the team members   and   to  adopt new technology  to better serve our customers and to grow the business sustainably. 

China Wok continues to remain   the destination  for    great tasting,  freshly  prepared  and robustly flavored  Chinese food and Sushi,  all  served with  warm  hospitality,  in the Fredericksburg area.

 So go  ahead ,  click for  your next  to- go or delivery order  from your  phone.     And Thank You for visiting us on the web and in the store.


We have many variety in liquor and each of them a have unique taste. Our best selling mix drink is Flaming Volcano .Our favorite liquor would definitely be Sapporo and Tsing Tao. I hope you enjoy our amazing bar!


Our delivery is very fast and our food is always fresh. We will always serve you with a great attitude and great respect. I hope you are pleased with our delivery.

Reason to come to China Wok

We will always remember your name and always treat you like family.
- It is a great spot to relax from work and have some great food.
- You always enjoy your food and your service!
- It is always the best spot to go if you want to take the family out to diner.