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Message from the Wok,

Winter 2014
Dear Friends and Neighbors:
I am delighted to welcome you to our new website and our Winter 2014 newsletter. It was last winter when I had a newsletter on our website, in which I said we are working on the online-ordering functionality on our website. Finally, we did it. I am happy to say that our new site now allows you -----our loyal customers----- to order your take out or delivery on line at the comfort of your home or from your smart phone. Please give it a try and go ahead use the coupons on this site while they last. As always, I am eager to hear your feedback on your online ordering experience on this site as well as your whole dining experiences at China Wok.

As China Wok enters its 23rd year ( and myself the 13th year as the owner of China Wok) serving delicious Chinese food and Sushi to our community , I am very thankful for the great support of our customers. We love our customers because without your support, we could not have lasted for more than twenty years.

I am also very grateful to our hard working employees who, day in and day out, strive to provide the best Chinese Food and Sushi to our community . I thank Henny, Cathy and Martha for their gracious and genuine hospitality to our customers. Speaking of our employees, our one time sushi Chef Mamason retired during Spring . Mamason is now enjoying her retirement. I am thankful for her service at this restaurant and I wish her well in her retirement.

Following the departure of Mamason, we had an new Sushi chef Chung for 4 months. Chung introduced us to an new menu of Fried Sushi Rolls such as the Volcano Rolls, Pacific Rolls, Fuji Volcano Rolls, Tuna Jalapeno Popper and Sweet Potato Rolls which now appear on our menu. These rolls are to die for. It is really that good. With the addition of these new rolls, our Sushi has gotten even better now.

I am not the only one who thinks that our Sushi is exceptional good. I remember a few years ago, during the Summer, we had a group of young ladies who would come for Sushi few times a week for the whole Summer. After getting to know them and talking to them few times, I found out that they are from Eastern Europe and that they have been eating Sushi all over Europe, but they told me that China Wok had the best Sushi that they ever had. I was very happy to hear that . It gave me tingling pleasure in my inner ears.

I do think that we have very good Sushi. The taste, if not the presentation , is as good as any other Sushi one may find in other temples of raw fish in town and out of town. But don't just take my word for it, try some of our Sushi Rolls yourself.

Of course, we have a large selection of tasty Chinese dishes and Beer and Wine and full bar on our menu for your enjoyment. With the Holidays around corner, let me just say : Happy Holidays to our customers. Thank you for visiting us online and I hope to see you soon at China Wok !


Joe Yung

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